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4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide
4ft Saw Guide

4ft Saw Guide

  • Made In America
  • 100% made from recyclable plastic
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8ft Saw Guide
8ft Saw Guide
8ft Saw Guide
8ft Saw Guide
8ft Saw Guide
8ft Saw Guide

8ft Saw Guide

  • Made In America
  • 100% made from recyclable plastic
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12ft Saw Guide
12ft Saw Guide

12ft Saw Guide

  • Made In America
  • 100% made from recyclable plastic
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Hinge Bender
Hinge Bender

Hinge Bender


For minor adjustments to door after installation.

Slide the Bender over entire hinge, bend barrel in or out to adjust the door in the frame.

If your door opens or closes too easily, slide the Bender over only ¼ to 1/3 of the hinge barrel, bending the hinge and pin in or out 1/16

The Bender is made to fit 3” to 4” hinges.

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benefits of
using our guides

Get track saw accuracy using your own cordless or corded saw.


Reduces layout pre-prep time

Once you fit the guide to your saw or router, it shows you exactly where your cut line is.


Makes flawless cuts and laser-straight lines

Trim Guides perfect edge gives you a clean line with every cut.


Keeps your material well guarded

Your saw rides on top of the guide, NO need to cover your material. Greatly reduces splintering

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How To Use

We’re here to help you get the best experience when you use Door Trim. Its simple usage allows you to move quickly and accurately.

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step # 1

Clamp the guide to a stable surface with ridge (fence) facing up. For a 7 1/4" saw use a 24-60 tooth blade.

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step # 2

Position circular saw so that the base plate of the saw is touching the fence of the guide.

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step # 3

Cut the guide with your saw. 
Let the guide cool for a minute, remove any residue from the
cut edge.

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step # 4

The Saw Guide can also be cut with a table saw to fit other equipment such as routers &
jig saws.

Cut out wall openings
for Windows & Doors

Vertical cutting can be a challenge especially if you’re cutting a rough surface, like beveled siding, brick, stone, or course stucco. You can accomplish any of these using a Trim Guide and your own saw for wet or dry sawing. Made mostly from recycled plastic, Trim Guides will not crack, chip or get brittle. They can be drilled to allow you to fasten with screws or duplex nails directly to the work surface.

Trim Guides can be cut to fit into tight spaces and around obstacles with circular saws or jig saws. Once you have your wall saw set up to cut, now you need to precut the Trim Guide to fit. Measure from the outside edge of the saw base to the inside face of your blade.

Precutting a Trim Guide can be done by making 1 pass with your saw, using a standard wood blade, or a table saw. The Trim Guide now shows you exactly where your blade will cut, with no layout.Set up guides for bevel cutting or straight cuts and your next bit of millwork means all you do is securely fasten the guide to your work surface and you’re ready.

With a Trim Guide you can make precise jigs that do not warp from water, sun, or snow.

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GALLERY OF top-notch cutting


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Weather Proof

Impervious to water, sun and snow.

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Light weight, thin.
Easy to store.

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Use your own saw and get track saw accuracy

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Works with cordless or corded saws.



Made from recycled plastic.



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